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Economic Integration and Poverty Reduction in Developing Asia   Dipika Basu and Arun Kumar Nandi

Economic Integration and Poverty Reduction in Developing Asia

224 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Economic Integration is increasingly felt as an important instrument for better allocation of resources, greater volume of trade and for mutual benefits to the countries involved in such process of unification. ASEAN and SAARC are the two important regional trade blocks in developing Asia. Regional economic integration in terms of trade and investment among the member countries provides a logical response to their common problems of poverty and economic backwardness. Question may arise as to how and to what extent member countries have integrated them in respect of foreign polices and how far they have achieved their cherished goals of human development and poverty reduction. Is there any significant relation between economic integration and poverty reduction? What is the pattern of development in developing Asia? Are they converging in income and human development? What is the role of two Asian Giants, China and India, in this regard? This book has developed a theoretical framework...
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