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A Study on Performance Appraisal at New India Assurance Company Ltd   Geetha Nanu and Shahnaz Sultana

A Study on Performance Appraisal at New India Assurance Company Ltd

260 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
An appraisal of the employee is undoubtedly necessary at the time of his employment. However, an appraisal on a continuing during the working life of such an employee is also desirable and useful. Actually, evaluation is constantly being done at an unconscious level. Employees evaluate superiors, fellow colleagues and subordinates. What is needed to generate proper climate as well as formal procedure for evaluating personnel within the organization. Such appraisals are at times described as ratings. Here an individual, after comparison with another, is ranked or rated as excellent, normal or average. Such personnel merit of efficiency ratings are generally used for ascertaining an employee's eligibility for promotion. The employees are rated on personality characteristics and performance. Employee motivation is determined both by the employee's orientation and the external factors in the organizational role and the organizational climate and culture. In spite of best selection and...
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