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Indo-ASEAN Trade Relations   Ramanuj Chakravorty

Indo-ASEAN Trade Relations

160 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
For Developing countries there is an urgent need to set in motion a mechanism that would boost trade with each other, that the Association of Southeast Asian Nations was established in 1967. Historically, India’s relation with the South-East Asian countries dates back to the first millennium AD when traders from Indian Kingdoms used to have trade with their counterparts residing in many parts of this region. Although after 1947, a qualitative change in the overall situation came following the end of colonial rule in this region. One of the most significant incidents took place in India at the beginning of 90s was the introduction of economic reforms. The “Look East” policy was launched in India at that point of time to foster extended neighborhood in the east in the post-cold war situation. The trade between India and the member countries of ASEAN in terms of exports and imports also experienced of late a quantum jump. The analysis will be of immense help to the researchers,...
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