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Food Safety Legislations in International Trade   Ananias Bagumire

Food Safety Legislations in International Trade

256 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book provides insights to food safety requirements set by industrialised countries for placement of agro-food products onto the markets and the challenges faced by producers in developing countries to meet the requirements for exporting into those markets. The desired regulatory, institutional,logistical and industry operational frameworks for developing countries to comply with the requirements are discussed in detail using the research work done in the emerging aquaculture sub- sector in a developing country in the sub-Saharan region struggling to access the lucrative but more stringent EU market. Basing on aquaculture products which by far attract stricter measures,the book demonstrates the need and challenges for applying the farm-to-folk concept demanded by prime markets. It sets a yard stick for guiding producers in developing countries to address food safety during production. The information given could be useful to consumers, food control authorities,...
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