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ROMANIA-the paradox of transition to market economy   Daniel Samoila

ROMANIA-the paradox of transition to market economy

56 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The current paperwork highlights the main ways to increase access to European funds. There is a problem of Romanian legislation which is very complicated. On the other hand, the procedures are made after some documents of the Commission, but are customized for each country. The main obstacles in accessing European funds are bureaucracy, lack of decentralization, intricate regulations and legislation and long procedures causes a very low capacity to absorb funds from the EU. An efficient use of European funds might be to Romania in general and for the Romanian agriculture in particular, a solution to exit the crisis. For a more effective access to the European funds, it is necessary that the Romanian authorities to implement the shortening of time for the implementation of the European projects. Thus, improving the capacity of public authorities,accelerating the entire decision process and increasing transparency should be top priorities for the romanian government, in order to...
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