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Analysis of the tomato value Chain in Mvomero district, Tanzania   Adella Ng''atigwa

Analysis of the tomato value Chain in Mvomero district, Tanzania

72 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
1.0 INTRODUCTION This study was conducted to examine tomato value chain in Mvomero district in Morogoro region in 2007-08. The main objective of the study was to generate information that would inform policies and strategies for adding value to the existing value chain for tomato in Mvomero district. 1.1 Results of hypotheses test In attempting to evaluate gross margins accrued by different actors it was hypothesized that middlemen have high gross margin compared to farmers. The null hypothesis was rejected because middlemen received small gross margins 1.2 Problems facing tomato farmers and traders Water scarcity was mentioned to be a critical problem among farmers especially during dry season. Seasonality of tomato production was listed as another major problem facing tomato marketers. Also high transport costs, Traders reported this is due to the reason that traders incurred a number of transaction costs. 2.0 AREAS OF IMMEDIATE APPLICATION OF THE RESULTS Policy makers and...
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