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Global Climate Economics and Green Marketing   A.N. Sarkar

Global Climate Economics and Green Marketing

500 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Historically, predominantly fossil-fuel propelled and rapid energy-intensive Industrial and economic growth, coupled with unplanned anthropogenic activities, has led to the build-up of greenhouse gas emissions to an alarming level, impacting adversely the environment, ecology and the quality of life. To deal with the problem and find pragmatic solutions: global, regional and national level climate policies have been evolved to design suitable programme intervention models and adaptive activities that can sustainably mitigate the adverse impacts of global warming and climate change, consequential to the phenomenal emissions build-up in the available carbon space in the planet.The best way to deal with the emerging global climate change related policy and economic issues to stimulate funding of climate projects for mitigation of the affected and vulnerable areas, is through conducting detailed studies on selected economic climate parameters; and follow it up with implementation of...
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