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Macroeconomic Essentials for Business   Mohammad Ashraf

Macroeconomic Essentials for Business

152 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Since I started teaching economics in business schools, I discovered that there were no text books written particularly for the students of business studies. All the economics courses were designed based on the books which are written focusing the students of economics. As a matter of fact, the topics that are included in these books are not worthy to teach the business students who ultimately apply their knowledge in business administration. As business graduates, these students mostly need a glossary of different disciplines pertinent to managing business organizations. They need not to study every branch of knowledge with a deeper insight and research. So, rigorous theoretical discussions of many disciplines do not necessarily help them to be a good manager of any business entities. Keeping these things in mind, I thought to compile books on economics including the topics that are particularly necessary for the students of business administration. This book is the result of an...
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