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The Economic Assimilation of South Asian Immigrants in Norway   Jun Yin

The Economic Assimilation of South Asian Immigrants in Norway

104 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Immigration is understandably a subject of public debate and economic analysis. It is reported that Asia is now the largest group of immigrants in Norway. This book first examines the inflows and outflows of these four South Asian immigrants subgroups (Philippines, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese) based on the longitudinal migration data supplied by Statistic Norway. Then it further examines various economic outcomes of these four groups. This book try to answer this questions: What is the wage gaps between immigrants and natives? What kinds of jobs can these male immigrants get in Norway? How fast do the immigrants assimilate economically after they arrived in the host country? Are there any advantages for female immigrants from these four countries entering mixed marriages as compared to those marrying other immigrants? What is the effects of having children influence the earnings profile of females? How does the causal connection between out-migration flows and...
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