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The Global Economic Crisis, Between Theory and Pragmatism   Gabriela Bodea,Cristian-Mihai Dragos and Catalin Postelnicu

The Global Economic Crisis, Between Theory and Pragmatism

372 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A crisis disrupts the economy of a country and it casts it backwards from the development perspective, deepening the gaps between „it was”, „it is” and „it will be”. Decades after many severe events occurred in the economic history, the criticisms regarding the past crises are still interpretations, no matter how much they were debated. Many researchers offer today possible solutions to the yesterday's crises, but let us not forget that business optic differs over time, as do the economic, social and political circumstances of the ages. It seems simple to dissect the previous crises, to find their causes and to crucify their moral authors. It is more difficult to prevent other imbalances, and especially not to commit even more damage than it was committed in the past. The recent crisis proves to be unwittingly biased: the countries, the economic sectors and the people go through it at different rhythms and do not react identically. But the crisis also dispels some boundaries, because...
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