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Tourism Industry and Economic Development in India   Siddaraju V.G and Gayathri N.K

Tourism Industry and Economic Development in India

112 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Today tourism industry is considered as the priority sector across the globe. The fundamental reason for such treatment is tremendous development of the variants of tourism sector. Many developing countries are looking to tourism as a promising avenue for economic and human development. Tourism includes a wide range of activities, such as transportation, accommodation and catering, tour operation and travel agency tour guiding and financial services. The tourism industry drives development too, by pulling in other sectors such as construction, infrastructure arts and crafts, transportations etc. The tourist destinations with good infrastructure also attract other industries that recognize the benefits to be gained from a large inflow of consumers. In this context, the present study has made an attempt to explain the need for state government and private sector people to play a great role in development of tourism. This book will be a valuable source of reference on the subject for...
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