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SMEs and enjoyment of the economic human rights: Evidence from Egypt   Hussein Alasrag

SMEs and enjoyment of the economic human rights: Evidence from Egypt

64 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Egyptian society suffers significantly from the weakness of human rights especially the economic ones.There was growing unemployment and poverty rates in Egypt, which requires the need to pump new investments to address the severity of this problem that accumulate day after day, with negative repercussions on the society of the proliferation of social crimes, and the high dependency ratio and delayed age of marriage, as well as the security implications and psychological trauma.The Egyptian society still has many of the major challenges to be addressed quickly in the realization of the economic rights of citizens. This research aims to study the role could be played by small and medium enterprises in the fight against poverty and job creation in the Egyptian society. Consequently is reflected in increasing Egyptian people''s enjoyment of the economic human rights.
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