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Population Growth and Economic Development in Rajasthan   M.R. Singariya

Population Growth and Economic Development in Rajasthan

252 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
From Adam Smith onward, economists have recognized the important linkages between population growth and economic development. Yet, the attention given to these linkages specially within individual state is not very clear. The book provides a concise introduction of various dimensions of population related problems. It covers a systematic review of the major studies that places the population debates in perspective and infuses a healthy dose for current population debates. It analyses the theoretical approach of economic development. The technique applied here is known as "principal component analysis" popularly known as factor analysis, which is a branch of well known multivariate econometric analysis. One novel experiment was undertaken to rank districts on the basis of regression factor scores, extracted by Varimax rotation with Kaiser Normalization. Lastly, multiple regression models were used to observe the interrelationships between population growth and economic development in...
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