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The CO2 Emission, Energy Consumption & Economic Growth of Pakistan   Muhammad Irfan Javaid Attari and Matloub Hussain

The CO2 Emission, Energy Consumption & Economic Growth of Pakistan

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Pakistan is in the race of economic development like other developing countries, and has consumed a lot amount of energy to run her economic cycle. Almost 54% out of total primary energy consumption depends on oil and gas, which contributes more CO2 emission after coal in environment. Therefore, energy consumption is the major cause of environmental pollution. The government of Pakistan like that of other developing countries would never think to mitigate the climate change at the expense of its economic growth. This issue is more sensitive in nature that is going to explore the relationship between climate change, energy consumption and economic growth in case of Pakistan. The EKC curve hypothesis which does not exist in case of Pakistan, tells us that the pollutants are increasing with increasing trend but no yet turning point exists. The government should have to put some efforts in order to reduce and control the air pollution by identification and evaluation of GHG emissions...
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