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Changing the Economic Parameters of Competition Environment   Liviana Andreea Niminet

Changing the Economic Parameters of Competition Environment

248 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Mankind is in a continuous search to go beyond its own bonds, to develop competences and to achieve perfection, in any field. For each and every firm competition has a developing role that helps it adapt to the business environment and leads to progress. We are starting from the idea that competition leads without doubt to progress and needs to be studied, stimulated and above all kept within fair-play limits. Competition is strongly connected with the market birth and evolution. Market is the arena where competition takes place, and as the arena developed, so did competition. In the competition struggle economic interests come first and from this struggle always some come out as winners and some as losers, thus is extremely important to know the structure and intensity of competition, to know what is the key to success, the forms it takes place. These are the grounds for assessing survival chances, connecting with the reality primary objectives and adopting the best competition...
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