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The Role and Importance of Mountain Tourism for Economic Development   Faruk Daci

The Role and Importance of Mountain Tourism for Economic Development

72 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
From the economics experts point of view it is considered that local economic development should be a priority for countries in transition, which aim a rapid development. The State decision makers, constantly should set up such development policies in order to increase the employment and generate incomes. In this case tourism, especially mountain tourism is one of the sectors which undoubtedly represents an opportunity for economic development.The development of mountain tourism is closely linked to the investment and employment of local residents. A mountain tourism is developed there where natural resources are (mountains with natural beauties, climate, etc.), favorable institutional environment for young entrepreneurs, different structures of human resources and many other factors. In this book will be investigated the role and importance of mountain tourism development for local development through the example of new destination village of Bukeli i Eperm in Hajle/Hajla mountain as...
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