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Economic Integration Among SAARC countries   Rummana Zaheer

Economic Integration Among SAARC countries

116 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book provides information about saarc (south Asian association for regional cooperation) a new journey of south Asian countries on a road of success and prosperity. It is the common perception that south Asian countries are poor and under develop because of their major problems of corruption, mismanagement and illiteracy.It is not wrong but one should remember that these countries have a lot of potential and they are rich in natural resources.The people of these countries are extra ordinary talented and working all over the world in top positions.Even in these countries in the presence of so many challenges like disturb law and order condition, power failure and political instability etc people are working with efficiency and devotion. SAARC is the hope for these countries but to make this dream possible these countries should work together and forget their conflicts and disputes.Especially Pakistan and India should come forward to play the role of real leaders in organization...
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