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The Diverse Impact of ICT on Economic Sectors: An Empirical Study   Peter Sasvari

The Diverse Impact of ICT on Economic Sectors: An Empirical Study

240 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Information and communication technology can be regarded as a universal technological system, which is closely linked to all of the previous systems and creates new, more complex technological systems. The rich literature of the information society discusses its diversified functions in detail. During my analysis,I have taken the information society as a normative future plan for Hungary, and I have also been looking for the answer of what progress has been made in building the information society in the studied Hungarian economic sectors. In this paper I try to find answers to the following questions:to what extent we can speak about the information society in Hungary nowadays, what is the development level of the information society in several economic sectors and company sizes compared to each other and to the member states of the European Union, how this development level can be measured and calculated, how the development level of information and communication...
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