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The Economics of Airline Productivity   Muhammad Mukhtar Khan

The Economics of Airline Productivity

60 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Today’s airline industry is very fast-changing, technology-driven and thriving with innovations but at the same time has become quite vulnerable to political jolts, economic downturns and business uncertainties which require its managers to come out with deep insight and related dexterity to outsmart their competitors This work in Asian perspective will assist its potential readers in having vital inputs for analysis and smart decisions by knowing about productivity, stage length and its relationship with costs, unit revenue and unit cost differentials, achieved seat factor and breakeven seat factor and their differential. Likewise many management-related issues are taken up in the context of select Asian carriers. With focus not only on quantitative information and data manipulation, it equally tells about the economic and management perspectives for skillfully handling a situation. My Firm gratitude to LAP publishers and their dynamic team M. Mukhtar Khan.
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