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The Economic Repercussions of Diaspora Remittances in Cameroon   Tarh Besong Frambo

The Economic Repercussions of Diaspora Remittances in Cameroon

100 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
While the volume of remittances to developing countries has been growing significantly over the years, it has not received much attention in the migrants’ countries of origin. As a result, the development potential of inbound remittances has not been fully utilized. However, some countries have realized the importance of remittances and have developed strategies to encourage the inflow and investment of remittances in homeland. Within this framework, this book explores the economic repercussions of Diaspora remittances in Cameroon in the wake of a significant composition of the country’s Diaspora both in quality and quantity. The data is mainly collected from secondary sources, documents, articles and policy papers as well as from a number of unstructured interviews with recipients, Diaspora members and top functionaries in the Cameroonians Abroad Division of the Ministry of External Relations. it reveals that Diaspora remittances are extensively used in a variety of ways in the...
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