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Research Methods in Economics and Other Social Sciences 2nd Edition   Kwabena Asomanin Anaman

Research Methods in Economics and Other Social Sciences 2nd Edition

148 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book provides an introduction to basic research methods and techniques used by applied economists and other social science researchers especially in multidisciplinary research settings. The author introduces the book with the delineation of the scientific research method from other major types of human inquiry such as religions and extra-sensory perceptions. He then discusses the development of a research proposal followed by methods of collecting data and the analysis of these data. Special emphasis is placed on the identification and correction of various types of errors in the process of data analysis. The development of research reports and research ethics are also discussed. This book is useful for undergraduate and postgraduate students, consultants, researchers, and lecturers undertaking research in applied economics and also for other social scientists involved with multi-disciplinary research projects that interact social sciences with physical sciences in academia,...
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