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The informational and analytical solution for socio-economic growth   Tamara Tatochenko

The informational and analytical solution for socio-economic growth

164 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Modern society is characterized by a sharp increase in the role and importance of information in the management of socio-economic processes. The availability of complete, timely and credible information about the processes occurring in various sectors and spheres of activity in the region, is a prerequisite for effective management of the organization in its development. With the development of computing information technology has become widely used in various fields of human activity, including in the field of RF regions. To date, modern business and the state apparatus can not be imagined without the application of information technology. Automating the process of monitoring information, comprehensive automation of management was a logical step in the development of public and commercial structures. Currently, there is the need to modernize existing public information systems, and often the introduction of new, owing to increased load on service businesses and individuals, the...
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