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Financial Market Intermediaries and economic growth of a country   Asif Iqbal

Financial Market Intermediaries and economic growth of a country

84 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
All research activity may b argued to be collaborative in nature. This dissertation is no exception and the effort, ideas and invaluable support of a number on individuals is acknowledged. Thanks may be extended along the lines of supervision, empirical support and in more general sense as follows:Firstly the research process would have been far more tortuous, if not impossible, were it not for the experience and guidance of my supervisor. On this account, gratitude is extended to Mr. Carlos Ribeiro for his experienced “invisible hand” of guidance and his soft, gentle and affectionate style of understanding problem and providing effective support.Thanks are also extended towards a few individual who helped me by guiding me through the tough spots during my dissertation. These individuals include Kashif, Iftikhat Hussain, Fahad Mahmand, Abrar,and Iftikhar Ali.I would like to offer special thanks to my friend Hina Shah for her invaluable guidance and moral support during all these...
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