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Voting System in the Economic Field S.Berlusconi vs Sir W.Churchill   Riccardo Battisti

Voting System in the Economic Field S.Berlusconi vs Sir W.Churchill

92 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Increasingly, the politics becomes important even if, paradoxically, it seems to gradually lose its noble role, giving its supreme power to the economy. We talk about politics all day. National radio talks about it, each emitting radios and newspapers all debut with shocking titles about the politics. Even television, whether state or private, seems to be studded of politics. We eat politics at all hours of the meals, with political newscasts that follow one another with precise regularity, as if to mark the passing of the normal hours and days. The television first evenings, are often the scene of political debate, in which the ars rhetorica of Aristotelian memory, has become the main and sole protagonist. However, despite this constant nagging hum, no one longer wonder what really politics is. Where politics is going to. How those who use the politics, have depleted it. All this is especially true in a country like Italy, stage of politics perceived as a means aimed at the...
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