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Fundamental Issues in Islamic Economics   Abdelrahman Yousri Abdelrahman

Fundamental Issues in Islamic Economics

228 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book deals with most important issues in contemporary Islamic Economics. Any student or researcher in this field would necessarily have to understand the philosophy, and the methodology of Islamic economics and its relation with mainstream economics, the Islamic economic system, market structure and price determination within an Islamic frame, the rationale of interest prohibition, Islamic conception of human and economic development, and the economies of the Islamic philanthropic sector. These issues form together the basic structure of Islamic economics in our time. The religious bases of these issues have not been given in details as in classical Islamic literature but however in precise manner which is supported by rich footnotes and extra references. On the other hand all issues have been analyzed and discussed in comparative manner, so that students of Islamic economics will also benefit from their knowledge in mainstream economics.
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