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Tourism and Economic Development in Karnataka   Yallappa.S. Vaggi

Tourism and Economic Development in Karnataka

188 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Tourism has increasingly become a vital element in the Indian economic development. It is also contributed to Indian GDP with providing employment to unemployed. It may have a positive economic impact on the balance of payments, on employment, on gross income and production, but it may also have negative effects, particularly on the environment. The environment, being the major source of tourist product, should therefore be protected in order to have further growth of tourism and economic development in the future. Though the Indian tourism is facing many problems. These issues and proposed policies are examined theoretically in this project. This book provides a theoretical and field basis framework for sustainable tourism. It comprises general views on tourism and sustainable economic development and some opinions on the relationship between tourism and the environment at macro as well as micro level. The last part concentrates on strategies and policy instruments.
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