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Analysis of the Economic Contribution of Petty Trade   Miiro John

Analysis of the Economic Contribution of Petty Trade

60 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Njeru town council is currently under the newly created district Buikwe and formerly Mukono located in the central part of Uganda. “Ensure effective service delivery through strategic economic growth and development”, the government operates in a decentralized system and so delegating the town council executive. The town council was held responsible for the daily operations of all activities. The widely practiced being petty trade and the longest in existence fail to bring about sustainable development in the communities and so the need for the study. The study found that the youth were hardly seen in this practice and that it was widely practiced by many single mothers and that this trade was the major and only source of employment to many in the community. The earnings from the trade were not significant but still the single mothers were able to support their families of five in terms as far as education, health and other basics of life are concerned. The trader faced a number of...
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