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Corporate governance and PPPs for economic development   Iddrisu Musah

Corporate governance and PPPs for economic development

108 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the wake of the global financial crises, international development agencies in developed economies adopted and changed the mode of engagement. The private sector was called upon to engage in a platform which hitherto was the preserved of the third sector. Scarce financial resources were made available as a form of motivation and attraction. With their attention set to explore and engage in serious business, the private sector came to face the reality of what it means to engage in development practice. This book examines one case in Europe, focusing on control mechanisms instituted to ensure optimal accountability, transparency and value for money. The book adopted contemporary theories of corporate governance in its analysis and has found that additional layer of control mechanisms may be valuable for owners and managers. Suggestions are offered on the basis of the findings from the empirical study. Consequently, this book should be particularly useful for policy makers, corporate...
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