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Handbook of Financial Intermediation and Banking (Handbooks in Finance) (Handbooks in Finance)  

Handbook of Financial Intermediation and Banking (Handbooks in Finance) (Handbooks in Finance)

608 страниц. 2008 год.
The growth of financial intermediation research has yielded a host of questions that have pushed "design" issues to the fore even as the boundary between financial intermediation and corporate finance has blurred. This volume presents review articles on six major topics that are connected by information-theoretic tools and characterized by valuable perspectives and important questions for future research. Touching upon a wide range of issues pertaining to the designs of securities, institutions, trading mechanisms and markets, industry structure, and regulation, this volume will encourage bold new efforts to shape financial intermediaries in the future.* Original review articles offer valuable perspectives on research issues appearing in top journals* Twenty articles are grouped by six major topics, together defining the leading research edge of financial intermediation* Corporate finance researchers will find affinities in the tools, methods, and conclusions featured in these articles
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