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Are the Papua New Guinea Workforce Emotionally ready for change?   Jamie McKean

Are the Papua New Guinea Workforce Emotionally ready for change?

140 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Emotional Intelligence is becoming a topic of a generation. Born in the mid 80''s, it has captured the hearts and minds of a mass large enough to add it to the vernacular of global business. Originally defined by Jack Mayer, with support from Peter Salovey, and popularized by Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence has a value that has increased to a point where some use its belief system as a guide to success. This study''s primary aim is to understand whether the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Management Workforce are Emotionally ready for Change. This study sampled the Management level of professionals in PNG, to understand their demographics and levels of Emotional Intelligence using the short version of the Workgroup Emotional Intelligence Profile (WEIP-S). The results show that whilst most of the peer reviewed literature is marginally supported by the findings, and that the average levels of Emotional capabilities appear to be high, the WEIP-S construct has not taken the Cultural...
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