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Foreign Market Entry Strategies Adopted by Firms in Kenya's EPZ   Anthony Muriungi

Foreign Market Entry Strategies Adopted by Firms in Kenya's EPZ

68 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The increasing globalization of business,the changing face of global political landscape, increased diffusion of political boundaries and the changing forms of governance structures for international firms requires a continuous examination and evaluation of factors that influence entry mode decisions in any foreign market.This study established that majority firms operating in Kenya EPZ were wholly owned and controlled subsidiaries,in the absence of host countries restrictions firms would be encouraged to go for more control and ownership structures in the Kenya’s EPZ.Technology and proprietary products only served to motivate firms to own their products or technology.This study has contributed to the theory of foreign market entry strategies in the International business literature, the study has provided insights on how to effectively deal with specific challenges of foreign market entry and Investments.The results of this study will help policymakers to create the appropriate...
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