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Social Economy: Cooperatives   Vrajlal Sapovadia and Ms. Sweta Patel

Social Economy: Cooperatives

224 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book is compilation of articles and research papers on social economy, cooperatives and micro finance experiences issues and opportunities in India. Most of the papers are presented at international conference and receipent of international fellowships. India is affluent of cooperatives of several kinds, size and type on one hand; on other hand several micro financing mechanism like Self Help Group is pioneered and successful. Book contains successful and failed cases of governance from different cooperatives to take lesson there from. Data rich cases are analyzed critically. The book may be useful to government executives,legislators, judges, business executives, professors, students, researchers and consultants working in social economy, cooperatives and micro finance. AMUL, NDDB, NABARD, Warananagar are bright stars in pre and post liberalized era, hence there is great potential to learn from their experience.
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