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Sukuk:   Zohra Jabeen


180 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Innovations in finance have various objectives, attempting to provide better solutions to the target market. This study analyzes the latest innovative Islamic financial product, namely the sukuk, for adherence to AAOIFI Sharia'' standards and interpretation of it in the light of Basel II''s securitization framework. It is a rare study that discusses the Sharia''h parameters for the product as well as conventional financial regulations,and combines both in order to draw meaningful conclusion. The work entails a cross-sectional analysis of the underlying contracts from the legal documents of sample Ijara''h sukuk and Musharikah sukuk. Sukuk are investment instruments representing ownership to underlying fungible assets and/or rights of usage of such assets. This book is particularly valuable for industry practitioners, regulators, researchers and academia. It is culled from the authors'' Ph.D thesis. However, the analysis is simple to understand for an average reader interested in...
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