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Colonial, Economic Rationalist, or Collegial?   Peter Daale

Colonial, Economic Rationalist, or Collegial?

572 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book explores Indonesian business leaders'' perceptions of G7 behaviour towards Indonesia after Independence (1945/1949), at a time when the country is experiencing a severe financial and economic crisis (1997-2001). Is G7 behaviour considered colonial, economic rationalist, or collegial? The background is framed within the context of Modern World-Systems theory, earlier theories about Intentional Underdevelopment, Dependency and Geography, and the more recent hypotheses on Enlightenment and Institutions theory, all attempting to explain why some countries are so poor and others are not. The findings show that the impact of colonial rule, associated exploitation and consequent poverty are still remembered by Indonesian business leaders and as such have the potential to negatively impact bi-lateral and multi- lateral negotiations for much needed structural reform in Indonesia.
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