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Offshore Outsourcing Practices   kamran ahsan and Asim Qaiser

Offshore Outsourcing Practices

52 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Along with retail, banking and financial servicessector, consulting engineering is one of theimportant industrial sectors in UK economy, it servesthe national companies and also attracts around ?2.45Billion. Total value generated by consultingengineer sector reached ?14.16 billion in 2007 andthe income derived from overseas increased by 30% to?2.45 billion in 2007. Cost reduction has always beenimportant to profitability for any firm. Since theconsulting engineering sector of UK is involved notonly inshore but attracting foreign exchange fromvarious countries. The aim of this book is to explorethe concepts of offshore outsourcing in operationsmanagement. A single case study based on engineeringservices industry U.K. is carried out, and oil andgas sector have been chosen as representative sector.This book provides an investigation of criticalfactors of effective offshore outsourcing is carriedout with study of interdependencies among factors ofsuccessful relationship among...
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