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How to Speak the Language of Russian Business?   Olga Kamenchuk

How to Speak the Language of Russian Business?

116 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
What characteristics should you consider when choosing a person to negotiate with a Russian business team? What does it mean for an international businessperson to be a part of a Russian company? What points should you think of when handling a conflict with the Russian businessmen? The modern economy is characterized by increased collaboration among different organizations across national boundaries. Russia is one of the regions that is witnessing rapid economic growth and development of international business relations. This book focuses on the power distance perception in the workplace in post-Soviet Russia as one of the major factors that affects crosscultural communication. It examines this aspect across a set of public and private companies throughout: perceptions of risk, gender stereotypes, power distance, levels of uncertainty avoidance, combination of individualism vs. collectivism, trust levels. This book is recommended for both practitioners interested in conducting...
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