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Poland's investment attractiveness after 20 years of the democracy   Dorota Renczewska

Poland's investment attractiveness after 20 years of the democracy

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The last 20 years of changes in Central and Eastern Europe had had positive effect on the investment attractiveness of the region and the way it is perceived by the potential foreign investors. Poland as the biggest country from CEE accounts for 28% of FDI in the region (as for 2008). In 2009 it was the only one European state with positive economic growth. Impressive, isn't it? Nevertheless the crisis affected us as well. The question today is: Can we still attract potential investors? Do we have any advantages over other countries? And also: can we learn from our mistakes – all in all we lost some of the battles for few major investments in the region. In order to answer those questions one has to approach the problem of investment attractiveness from theoretical point of view: What are the driving forces for investment? What are the reasons for choosing a specific investment location? Apart from answering these questions, this book provides for a wide range of market,...
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