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Social Insurance in Romania in the Context of Integrating EU   Stegaroiu Valentin

Social Insurance in Romania in the Context of Integrating EU

200 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
XXI century began with a big problem for countries that have moved from organization to organization of the centralized economy to free trade principles, namely: the social problem which is in the period after the active life of those who through no fault of are their forced to cover the problem of old age insurance of the necessary daily. These problems began to be more every day in most of these countries. Romania, as a state that comes after such an experience, not an exception, but its social problems are both content and structure, and the fact that accession to the European space has brought the “quiet before the storm". In these circumstances the book presents a study developed a theoretical and methodological integration of social security in Romania in the European structures. The estimation and evaluation of coordination mechanisms need to try to establish the Romanian system of interaction with other similar systems of social insurance in the European...
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