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Kadapa District Co-operative Central Bank Of Andhra Pradesh   Mannuru Sudhakar Reddy

Kadapa District Co-operative Central Bank Of Andhra Pradesh

436 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The term “Co-operation” as generally understood today is a term which like philosophy and religion defies exact definition and description. Almost every writer has tried to define the term is his own way. No two definitions are identical, and no single definition has so far succeeded in including within a single formula all the ingredients of Co-operation ideology. An important reason as to why the definitions differ so widely is that Co-Operative movement developed in different countries in different forms under different milleu. Co-operation is not in any way new to India. It has a fairly long history in India. The Co-operation form of social and economic activities has been in existence since time immemorial. The history of co-operative movement in India classified into two phases: 1) Pre-independence era, 2) Post-independence era.In the Pre-Independence era, the passage of the co-operative credit societies Act 1904 was the first milestone in the co-operative movement in India. The...
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