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Corporate Governance and Performance of Banks in Pakistan   M. Uzair Farooq Khan,Zakaria Ahmed and Shahzad Ghafoor

Corporate Governance and Performance of Banks in Pakistan

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Financial deregulation and liberalization of both trade and capital markets have removed many barriers within and across countries, allowing firms to pursue business opportunities worldwide, supported by availability of accessibly priced capital. As a result, the global market for financial capital, labor, goods, and services is now an ever-present reality of commerce and trade in the 21st century. As financial markets have developed, investor involvement has intensified. And with that trend have come more and more demands from investors for high standards of corporate governance to ensure that capital is used efficiently and effectively, produces good returns in a manner responsible to society‘s interests, and is protected from malfeasance and misappropriation. Investors want boards to make decisions that are free from conflicts of interest; they insist that enforcement has the necessary authority, resources, and credibility to act expeditiously and effectively.
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