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Technical Analysis Tools   Azime Adem Hassen

Technical Analysis Tools

84 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
If you've picked up this book, you probably recognize the value of technical analysis, but aren't sure that you can master it. As your guide, you’ll quickly become familiar with the key concepts of this discipline and learn how to put them in action in the real world or to make further research. It contains important insights that can help you to make an investment on stock market and make more informed investment decisions. It is written a non-technical format that’s easy to follow. It provides valuable coverage of Technical Indicators such as: • Moving Averages • Relative Strength Index • Moving Average Convergence &Divergence It is straight forward and accessible. It is not just an introduction to basic analytical tools collectively called technical analysis. It is designed to help you put those tools to work in identifying the potential risk, making valid and reliable comparison, and picking stocks for your portfolio. It is this activity which enables you in...
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