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Initial Public Offering   Sebastian Bakalarczyk and Maciej Prelich

Initial Public Offering

100 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the modern world, companies have to find numerous new ways to develop. Development, however, is often interconnected with investments. Then, the question appears – what is the best solution to allow a company finance them? A wide variety of possibilities, such as business angels, taking a loan or liquidation of assets can be considered. In this book, another source of funding is presented and profoundly analysed – Initial Public Offering (IPO). This very book, though initially a report, came to existence as a result of research conducted by a group of students, supervised by their lecturer – Sebatian Bakalarczyk, at the Lodz University of Technology. Their project was realised as a Problem Based Learning programme at their university. Then, the most ambitious as well as knowledge-seeking student decided to continue their investigation in order to gain full understanding of the topic. The authors hope that presented results give a thorough insight into the extremely complicated...
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