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Merger and Acquisition in Indian Banking Industry   Abhishek Tripathi

Merger and Acquisition in Indian Banking Industry

120 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The study strives to explore the impact of M&A in the banking industry in India and identify post merger integration issues in the bank mergers. The study draws from a mix of recent literature review and interpretations of observations of employees and managers. It evaluates various reasons for M&A, post merger integration problems and impact of merger and acquisition on employees in the context of CBoP and HDFC bank merger. The first objective aims at exploring the implications of the merger for the shareholders. Second objective aims at studying the impact of merger on employees. The third objective aims at identifying the post-merger integration problems and issues for bank management. Only those branches, which merged after HDFC-CBoP merger, were considered for the survey.The study reveals that problems of post merger integration are mainly concerned with differing cultures, varied and different financial practices, and variety of softwares being used by the merging entities....
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