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Resisting Corporate Corruption   Emmanuel Wabanhu

Resisting Corporate Corruption

456 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Shorttitle This book provides a comprehensive ethical analysis of corporate corruption as one of the most rapidly growing phenomena in the field of busines ethics. Today (corporate) corruption has become again a central topic in debates about the future of business and economic activies in general. The subject has reached a stage where a comprehensive and accessible dossier of the global phenomenon of corruption is required. This book aims to meet this need, critically reviewing the literature on the subject in order to: elucidate and discuss in-depth the concept of(corporate)corruption; identify and examine key arguments for and against corruption in business; assess various anticorruption conventions, and how virtue ethics, with the help of the ethical principles of Catholic social ethics,can contribute to a solution; especially demonstrating how the four business (moral) virtues (i.e desire-regulating character traits) - courage,...
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