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The Management of Banking System in Albania, Crisis Prevention   Ina Alimemaj

The Management of Banking System in Albania, Crisis Prevention

56 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The focus of this book is the disorder of the financial system experienced because of the global crisis in Albania and how the Albanian Banking System reacted to manage it. The crisis clearly demonstrated that when problems hit one bank, they can spread to the hole financial sector and well beyond the borders of any one country. It also showed that systems were not in place to manage financial institutions facing difficulties. Very few rules exist that determine what actions should be taken by authorities in the case of a banking crisis. The aim of this book is to present the reasons of the financial crisis in Albania and to analyse the measures taken by the Albanian financial system either the central level or the commercial banks.This book can be used as a reference for students who study bank management.
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