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The Foreign Exchange Market and Its Features   Gianpiero Chironna

The Foreign Exchange Market and Its Features

68 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This work was born as an answer to a simple question: “What is the fastest financial vehicle to make money today?”. Under the word “vehicle” dictionary reports this meaning: “a machine which has an engine and is used to carry people from place to place.” Now from a financial point of view, if someone needs to make a travel, metaphorically, from the poor’s land to the rich’s land, he needs a financial vehicle. Everybody knows that there is a big difference between travelling by car and travelling by jet plane; moreover different abilities are required to drive these two means of transport. The same happens in the financial sector. So this work tries to give a quick view on the main characteristics of one of the financial tools used by professional investors: Forex! Actually Forex is not a veichle and nor a tool, but it is a market, and not just a market, but the most large financial market in the world. This book should help shed some light on the way professional investors...
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