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Foreign investment in the banking sector and its reaction to crises   Mohay-Ud-Din Khan Khattak

Foreign investment in the banking sector and its reaction to crises

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book provides an insight into the credit volatility of foreign and domestic banks to crises and business cycles in South Asia. It also studies the credit behaviour of banks in reaction to financial liberalization and deposit structure of banks. The dataset consists of more than 200 banks for the period 2003-2009 from four countries in South Asia, with information on Ownership Structure and Balance Sheet of banks. The book can be a great help to policy makers at central banks in South Asia for deciding wehtehr to allow foreign banks to enetr into domestic markets or not?. If yes, then what form of foriegn direct investment in banking sector would be more prudent and viable. Becuase greenback and takeover form of investment in the banking sector depict distinct credit behaviour in different countries of South Asia. Moreover the findings of this study are based on rare and hard-to-access data of banking sector in four maajor countries of South Asia i.e. Bangladesh, India, Pakistan...
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