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Information Systems Audit And Security In Banking   S. V. S. Kishore Kumar

Information Systems Audit And Security In Banking

476 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Technology In Banking Is Reaching New Heights Day By Day And It Is Time That Information Systems Audit And Security Are To Be Implemented By Banks To Have Proper Control Over Information Systems. Two Independent Policies For Audit And Security Are To Be Framed And Monitored. The Book Focus On Origin And Evolution Of Banking, Phases Of Indian Banking, Committees For Implementation Of Technology In Banking, Concepts Of Information Systems Audit And Security, Important Aspects While Framing Audit And Security Policies, Mechanism To Monitor Both The Policies, Comparison Of Public Sector And Private Sector Banks In The Implementation Of Audit And Security Policies. Banks Are Dealing With Public Money. The Customer Data Is Stored In The Form Of Electronic Data Which Can Not Be Seen With Naked Eye. The Book Aims At Surveillance Techniques To Check Integrity Of Electronic Data, Preventive Vigilance Mechanism To Be Adopted And Several Platforms To Be Implemented For Securing The Data. Audit...
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