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Market Reactions to Tangible and Intangibles : A Case of Nepal   Sudarshan Kadariya

Market Reactions to Tangible and Intangibles : A Case of Nepal

124 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Stock market being the volatile mechanism yields the abundant opportunities and in the contrary produces the threats. The market signals have to be drawn and implemented into the financial decision making process to escape from these threats. The market information which can be collected from the published as well as unpublished sources can also be used during the stock investment decisions. Based on the development (phase) of the financial market, the magnitude of the effect of the market information can be estimated. In most of the developed market system, the first hand, updated and widely available information instantly influence the market performance whereas in the developing and growing financial market with few market participants, the recent information influences the market performance whereas the past information should also not to be discarded. In light of the basic concept of the stock market information and its effect on the equity trading, this study is conceptualized...
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