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Occupational Stress of Bank Managers   W.R.P.K. Fernando and Murugesan Selvam

Occupational Stress of Bank Managers

284 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book describes the Occupational Stress in Private Sector Banks of Sri Lanka. Due to the rapid globalization process, the Sri Lankan Banks have started providing many customer friendly services. These services have increased the work burden of the bank employees and caused severe mental stress. The bank authorities have not come forward to address these problems. No branch manager with stress, can satisfy customers at different levels. Research studies were earlier conducted to identify various sources of stress. But there was no attempt to make a detailed study relating to stress among bank staff in the Sri Lankan context. Further, the factors that influence stress and the strategies to be adopted to reduce the stress, have not been investigated so far. Therefore, the present study is a timely attempt to investigate the stress among branch managers of private sector banks in Sri Lanka.
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